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Our history
We started Art in the cellar back in 1998 in the northwest side of town in Las Vegas Nevada. It's a family-owned business, operated by Brandon and Tony Gibson.
The drive and dedication we have is what made us who we are today.  We wanted to provide a service, one that would change the way people looked at personalized gifts. 
The gifts we engrave are all done by hand and every detail is taken into account. Why do we sand blast instead of using lasers? We feel that using our sand blasting technique gives a much cleaner look and a more detailed etch compared to lasers. We take pride in all of  our gifts we create and doing them by hand gives us the satisfaction knowing that each one was done right.  The techniques we use have been passed down to us from master engravers who made it there personal mission to be the very best.  
What makes us different from the rest? 
Our team is always here to provide this awesome service. 
We will go out of our way to make sure the job gets done.  
Our engravers have been in the business for a long time and have the skills and knowledge to make sure you get what you're looking for. 
The reaction we receive from our customers is what gives us the satisfaction to know we did a great job. 
Me and my father plan to keep growing our business and to implement all the remarkable advances in engraving technology. 
We thank all of our customers for your business and look forward to creating your next custom etched gift.  
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