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Commonly asked questions

Can you engrave cylindrical objects like cups and pewter tankards?

Yes, not a problem. We sandblast our gifts instead of using lasers which gives us a wide range of objects that can be engraved. 

Can it be engraved?

Many Metal, plastic and wood items can be engraved. Many items you thought couldn't be engraved, really can be engraved. Here is a little list: Hammers, Ipads, toasters, metal crowbars, wooden coat racks, laptop computers. The list goes on and on. Please view or engraved items list for more information.

How much does it cost?

Since every etched gift is different, we provide a price based on the engraved artwork or wording you would like etched. Please visit our price guide page to get more detailed information. 

Can you have engraved letters on an arc?


Yes, we use arc engraving usually on the backs of watches where the manufacturer's markings are right in the center.  Once in awhile we arc letters on a plaque to highlight the award's name.

How long does the engraving process take? 


Typically the process takes 2 - 3 days however we do offer a rush service for those last-minute gift orders. We need to at least have a 3 - 4 hour notice. A rush service charge will apply. 

How small can you engrave? 

The rule of thumb for engraving a thin line is this, If the line is thinner than a fine tip sharpie then it can't be engraved.  Font size can be etched as small as 7 - 9. 

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